Mon Amérique à Moi // My Own America

These are all photos I took during a weekend with my grand father in october 2010 in Saint Marcel du Périgord, where I spent most of my holydays when I was a kid. Always loved this place, so filled up with memories of happy days.

This is the country house of my grand parents. My grand mother died less than a year before I took these pics, and my grand father is now aging pretty fast (in this album, he’s 88). Their grand children are a bit too old now to spend their vacation time in the countryside (bullshit if you ask me). So this house, called « Le Bourg Ouest », isn’t the place where we would all meet up, build tree huts and play in the woods it used to be.
I went there for a weekend to help my grand father to close the house for the winter and drive him back to Versailles. It was a great and sad weekend, my grand father isn’t even sure he’ll see the house ever again. Since he’s very slow, I got a lot of free time while I was there, and I took pictures of the house, the garden, the village to try to express what they mean to me.

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